Search Engine Optimization Enhancing the quality and quantity of your website traffic by boosting your website visibility is SEO. It’s essential because 68% of online experience begins with search engines, 2/3rds of all clicks go to the first five organic search results, and SEO leads have a remarkable closing rate of around 15%. Hence, getting […]
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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance NIC has implemented affordable and premium monthly website maintenance plans for businesses of all sizes that vary based on the content management systems as well as client’s specific goals and needs. We provide website maintenance plans for most CMS’s including but not limited to WordPress, , Shopify and custom PHP Websites.  A monthly […]
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Website Development

Website Development 63% of people use websites to find and connect with a business. This means, over half of your target market is on the web, searching for you. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a site, or have a bad one – that means losing clients. We create for you a website with cutting-edge technology, […]
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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Mobile applications enhance your brand visibility, improves accessibility even when on the go, cultivate customer loyalty, and drives conversions. Hence, investing in a bespoke mobile app for your brand is essential for your business success. Bring your vision to life with our innovative mobile application services for IOS and Android. Our specialist […]
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Social Media Management

Social Media Management With more than half the world’s population on the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat among others, social media is the ideal way to connect and engage with your target audience, ensuring your brand is accessible and personable. Book A Free Consultation, Today! Professional $650 […]
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Online Marketing

Online Marketing You can have the best product or service, but if you don’t market it effectively in this digital age, then you simply won’t be able to succeed and scale. Period. Leveraging digital marketing is your best bet to boost your brand awareness and visibility, get targeted website traffic, increase your leads as well […]
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing E-Mail marketing is free and is a digital marketing strategy based on sending emails and developing relationships with prospects and customers. Don’t leave any money on the table and ensure your email systems are fully optimized and automated. Book a free consultation today and learn more about how you can further engage with existing and prospective clients/customers. Book A […]
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Logo Design

Logo & Branding A logo is a visual queue that triggers an emotional as well as intellectual response. Think of Coca-Cola’s script logo that symbolizes joy and happiness in a bottle, Nike’s simple swoosh that represents speed as well as class, and Apple’s modernized and minimal logo that exemplifies simplicity, creativity, and finesse. They are […]
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Content Strategy & Creation

Content Strategy & Creation All the brands out there aspire to go viral but only a select few manage to do it consistently. Why? Because they leverage the art of storytelling.Stories shape the world and make a lasting difference. They stand the test of time and cut through the noise and competitive marketplace to reach […]
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